Doing Business Links

Doing Business Links

The websites below can connect you with resources for doing business in Guelph Wellington

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Employer Road Map

This roadmap is a guide for employers in small to medium-sized enterprises interested in hiring foreign workers for their organizations.

Connect Guelph Portal

The Connect Guelph Business Portal is an online information portal supporting new and existing business and entrepreneurs

Economic Development for Centre Wellington

Centre Wellington has recently completed an Economic Development Strategic Plan to stimulate and guide economic growth for the community by providing a vision and focus for Centre Wellington’s economic development efforts.

Five key principles form the basis of this plan:

  1. Manage and channel growth that will inevitably come to Centre Wellington, in order to ensure that it is both appropriate and sustainable.
  2. Provide the necessary infrastructure and related environment to provide for the needs of growth and investment.
  3. Focus on the retention and expansion of the existing base of industry, identifying and meeting the needs of existing businesses and exemplifying a proactive and anticipatory attitude towards business investment and development.
  4. Build on key clusters in the local and regional economy where Centre Wellington has a strong competitive or comparative advantage.
  5. Economic Development in Centre Wellington will be pursued within the context of a healthy community overall, and following the principles of Smart Growth.

This means that resources devoted to economic development will be allocated in balance with those allocated to social development, environmental improvement, recreational opportunities, health care, youth programs, etc.

Guelph Chamber of Commerce

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce builds prosperity in the community one business at a time. The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting the goals of its members with services, products and networking opportunities. Small businesses in particular benefit by joining forces to get group benefit and cost reductions. Since 1868, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce has been working with its members to shape and grow Guelph Wellington.

Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre

The staff at the Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre are experts in business start-ups, early growth and self-employment and have been working with and helping local area business, start-ups, professionals, students and newcomers with many business needs and challenges for over 10 years.


The website gives employers the tools they need to find, recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants. It answers key questions employers may have about hiring skilled immigrants and provides essential tools, including a cross-cultural interviewing guide and workshops available for download.

The Roadmap on the website is an interactive step-by-step guide to assist in human resources planning and practice, from recruiting to retaining skilled immigrants.

As well, it explains how and where employers can recruit skilled immigrant candidates, understand their credentials, find language training providers and more.

Innovation Guelph

Guelph is a community that is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.  As a community partner, Innovation Guelph acts to cultivate entrepreneurship, powerful partnerships, and innovative initiatives that transform the way we do things in business and in our communities.

The Alliance of Sector Councils and Conference Board of Canada

The Conference Board of Canada and the Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) holds workshops across Canada aimed at:

  • increasing awareness amongst Canadian employers of the advantages of hiring internationally trained individuals, and
  • providing practical tools and resources to assist employers, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, in internationally trained workers.

The County of Wellington Economic Development Strategic Plan

The County of Wellington has an Economic Development Strategic Plan to develop a long term vision and priorities for the next five years. The partners in this process recognize the diversity of the County from Minto in the north to Puslinch in the south and the need for putting heads together to take advantage of the opportunities in the future, together.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan is comprehensive and includes the following:

  • An Economic Base and Projections Analysis including socio-economic data for Wellington County providing demographics, household data, education, labour force, employment resources and the business climate.
  • An identification of key sectors and economic opportunities within Wellington.
  • A review of existing economic development studies and initiatives in the County.
  • An assessment of the local strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to prove insight to the County’s locational advantages and disadvantages in attracting and retaining investment.
  • Input from our residents and investors via business and community leader interviews, public input via focus group sessions held across the county, an online survey and feedback via the website.

Find out more at

The Workforce Planning Board

The Workforce Planning Board is a community directed, non-profit organization leading Waterloo Region, Wellington and Dufferin County in their workforce development and labour market planning.

TRIEC Campus

TRIEC Campus is an online learning hub offering complimentary, self-paced resources designed to support team members and leaders in today’s culturally diverse workplace. Resources cover effective communication and team-work as well as recruitment, selection and talent management practices to create workplaces inclusive of skilled immigrants.

The TRIEC Campus offers e-Learning modules, videos and discussion guides on topics related to cross-cultural practices in:

  • Interpersonal communication and recognizing unconscious bias
  • Recruitment and selection of immigrant talent
  • Resume screening and interviewing
  • Workplace orientation and onboarding
  • Religious accommodation
  • Team building and leadership
  • Performance management, coaching and feedback
  • Leading and motivating culturally diverse teams