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For Employers

The Local Immigration Partnership’s Employer Toolkit is now available!

Why Hire Job-Ready Immigrants?

Immigrants have the skills and experience to fit easily into the workplace, and …

Guelph and Wellington’s population is aging, leading to labour shortages in the near future. Ontario’s labour shortage is expected to rise to 364,000 by 2025.

It’s already hard to find the right employee.

Guelph and Wellington County had one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada in 2012. And we’re still growing!

We’re not ready!

Ontario’s education and training system is not sufficiently prepared to supply enough qualified workers to fill emerging labour shortages.

Job-ready immigrants have high levels of education and professional work experience.

67% of new immigrants to Guelph and Wellington have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Recognizing immigrants’ skills is good for the economy.

The cost of not recognizing the credentials and skills of Canadians, notably immigrants, is between $4.1-5.9 billion annually.

To find qualified Immigrants to fill your labour needs:

Review the Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership’s Resources for Employers Page  

Take advantage of Skills International,  an online tool that connects internationally educated, job-ready professionals with employers in Canada who are looking for qualified labour. Skillsinternational gives you access to a collective pool of immigrant talent for free. You can search for specific skills, experience and education to find the perfect candidate.

Check out Hire Immigrants Roadmap, the Maytree foundations Hireimmigrants Roadmap supplies your organization with the strategies and tools to effectively engage with skilled immigrant workers.

Use the Employers Roadmap by Citizenship and Immigration. It provides you with information to hiring and retaining internationally trained workers.

Use Opportunities Ontario: the Provincial Nominee Program which helps employers meet their human resource needs for workers, by enabling them to recruit foreign workers and international students. Opportunities Ontario has a target of 1,300 nominations in 2013.

Read the Peel Immigrant Portal to get great advice on how to How to Attract Immigrant Talent to your Job Opportunities

Take advantage of the diversity training offered by Guelph-Wellington Immigration services  which increases cultural awareness, skills and knowledge to benefit your organization by increasing the inclusion of different identity groups, and by promoting better teamwork.

Webinar: What Employers Need to Know

Reource about sourcing the immigrant labour pool, with Kirk Dudtschak from RBC Royal Bank and immigration expert Naomi Alboim from Queen’s University and Maytree.


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