Small Business is Big Business

Small businesses are employing more people in 2014.

These are the top industries for small business with 4 or less employees.
NAICS Description – June 2014 # of Businesses # of Businesses with 1-4 Employees
6211 Offices of physicians 219 150
5311 Lessors of real estate 639 75
5416 Management, scientific and technical consulting services 310 70
4841 General freight trucking 158 61
2361 Residential building construction 221 58
5415 Computer systems design and related services 189 56
6213 Offices of other health practitioners 183 52
5239 Other financial investment activities 330 48
5617 Services to buildings and dwellings 157 47
7225 Full-service restaurants and limited-service eating places 281 44
5412 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services 128 42
2383 Building finishing contractors 171 40
Source: EMSI 2014.3

This chart is a high level view of Guelph’s business by size. You can see there are a small number of companies that employ hundreds of people while there are many, many more employers with fewer than 50 staff.

It is important to understand the Self-employed or ‘Indeterminate’ category in this chart. Indeterminate businesses are generally individuals who are self employed, owner­/operators and contract employees. This chart clearly shows that many people working in Guelph/Wellington are taking an entrepreneurial approach to their career.


Small businesses are different from large employers. There are advantages (and risks) to working for each. To learn more about different types of employers start here.