For Families

For Families


While you are working, looking for work, studying or retraining, you may need someone to take care of your young children under the age of 12. Generally, children under the age of 12 can not be left alone at home or care for younger children, according to Canadian law.

If you are enrolled in Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) programs you may be eligible for free on-site child care while you take language training classes.

In Wellington and Guelph there is licensed centre-based child care and licensed home-based child care . Understanding the child-care system in Ontario will help you decide the type of care that suits your needs. Check out these lists of day care providers in Guelph.


Please read our page about Public Schools to learn more about the education system in Ontario.

EarlyON Centre

For families with children up to the age of six, the EarlyON Centre is a great place to play and learn. The center offers free programs for different ages and at locations across Guelph and Wellington County. This is a great place to meet other families, learn about other activities and programs and get advice from EarlyON professionals.

Family Activities

There are many things for families to do in Guelph Wellington!

For more activities see listings in the Guelph Mercury and SNAP