Before You Arrive

Before You Arrive

How do I immigrate to Guelph Wellington?

In order to come to Guelph Wellington you must apply for one of the Immigration Programs offered by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. 

The Ministry website can help you find out how you can immigrate to Canada, how to protect yourself from fraud and what to expect after you arrive in Canada.

Read about Canada’s new Express Entry System for Economic Immigrants. 

You can also find information about immigrating to Canada on these websites: and

Things to do to prepare for your arrival in Canada:

  • Gather important documentsCollect and bring all official documents belonging to you and the family members who are immigrating with you. It is often much more difficult to get these documents after you have left your country of origin. If the original documents are not in English or French (Canada’s official languages), you will need to get certified translations. When presenting your documents to Canadian officials, always provide the original, the certified translation, and the name and contact information of the translation agency.
  • Make an effort to improve your English or French if one of these two languages is not your first language. English is most commonly used in Guelph Wellington. Communication skills may be the most important tool for you to settle successfully in Guelph Wellington and find a good job.
  • Plan where you will stay during your first days in Guelph Wellington. Make arrangements to stay with family or friends or book a hotel or a motel in a central location. For a list of hotels/motels in Guelph Wellington, click here.
  • Find a job in Guelph Wellington
  • Prepare yourself to find a job in Canada by doing the following:
    • Gather all your educational diplomas and certificates
    • Obtain letters of reference from your past employers
    • Learn about and begin the process of getting your educational and professional qualifications officially recognized in Canada through Canada’s Foreign Credentials Referral Office
  • Learn about the Public and Post-Secondary schools in Guelph Wellington. 
  • Buy private health insurance to pay for any emergency medical costs until you get government health insurance in Canada. This is important because the time between when you apply and when you receive government-funded health insurance can be up to three months.
  • Buy some warm clothes to keep you comfortable during the first few days if you are arriving in Guelph Wellington during the fall, winter or spring



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How can I improve my English or French?

Before you Arrive in Canada- Video by Citizenship and Immigration Canada