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This page has been created to support your job search in Guelph and Wellington County. It has information for immigrants about the local job market and will give you an idea of what industries are growing, where job opportunities are and tips on how best to find them.

The information on this site comes from reports written in 2011 and 2014. Please be sure to check updated employment stats for more current information. We hope these facts will help you plan the next steps of your career search and successfully settle in our beautiful community.

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You can also visit the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin for more local Labour Market Information.

Do Your Research

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Guelph's unemployment rate is generally lower than the national average.

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Small business is big business

Small businesses are employing more people in 2014.

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The In Demand Jobs [2011]

There are a wide range of job titles for 'In-Demand' jobs.

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Jobs In Guelph

These are the occupations in which immigrants are finding work.

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Make Guelph Your Home

With reliable transportation you have options where you can work.

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Tips: Canadian work experience is important to employers. Taking an entry level job may be the fastest way to eventually getting the job you want. Many employers have a 'hire from inside' policy.

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Working For Yourself Is An Option

Entrepreneurship is something anyone moving to Guelph should consider as part of their job search.

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Average Annual Salaries

These charts show the range of salaries for jobs across all of Ontario and Canada.

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Planning &
Career Options

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Guelph Has Growing Industries

New businesses are starting up in a variety of industries.

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Top Industries In Guelph

This table shows the top industries in Guelph [each of which has more than 40 independent businesses].

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Big Employers Are Big

13 Guelph employers have more than 500 employees.

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Tips: The first 12 months of your job search will be the most challenging. Having a strong family and community network will help. Networking and building professional relationships will help you find work.

Network & Connect

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Build your local network

You will most likely find a job through building personal relationships, not an ad in the newspaper.

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Know [and grow] your skills

Building your career will require a wide range of technical and people skills.

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Guelph Is Growing

The community of Guelph is expecting to grow over the next 15 years. This includes new residents and new employers.

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Immigrants Of All Ages Are Working

This chart shows that immigrants from the ages of 15 to 65+ are an important part of the labour force.

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Be Patient

Finding Work As A New Canadian will be hard in your first year.

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Opportunities Can Be Found

In many job categories immigrants have a lower unemployment rate than the average labour force.

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Tips: Credentials from your country may not translate to the job you want right away. You may need to re-certify your professional qualifications.