English as a Second Language


The Upper Grand District School Board offers continuing education courses. Visit their website for more information.

Learning English as a Second Language in Guelph Wellington

There are many organizations in Guelph Wellington to assist you in learning, advancing and practicing your English language skills.

Find Out About Learning English as a Second Language

St. George’s Centre for English as a Second Language (ESL)

St. George’s Centre for Adult ESL is a school for newcomers to Guelph who want to learn English or improve the English skills they already have.

St. George’s offers: 

  • ESL classes
  • Childcare for people enrolled in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program
  • Skill-specific courses
  • Workplace courses

You may need a language assessment before taking classes. Please ask for details when you register.

If you are unable to attend in-class LINC sessions due to illness, disability, maternity, work schedule conflicts or a lack of classes in your area, there is a LINC Homestudy program. Call Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington to check eligibility

University of Guelph

Office of Open Learning
[email protected]
The University of Guelph offers an English Language Certificate Program.

Conestoga College

Conestoga’s Guelph Campus, located in the northwest end of the city is fast becoming a provicical leader in education and training.

Conestoga College offers:

  • English Language Studies certificate
  • ESL classes
  • Workplace communication skills for early childhood educators, health care professionals, accountants, technologists, and people in construction trades
  • Enhanced Language Training for engineers
  • Pre-Health Bridge to Practical Nursing for internationally trained health professionals
  • On-site language training for employees IELTS test preparation

Assessment and Referral

Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington

NEW Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System (CLARS) now at Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington

Language Assessment Centre
104 Dawson Road Unit #102, N1H 1A6, Guelph

If you are an adult with Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Refugee Claimant, or Naturalized Canadian Citizenship status, or you fall under one of the select categories of temporary foreign workers (e.g. Live-in-Caregiver) you may qualify for this program. You will be referred to the programs that best meets your needs and goals.

Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA)

Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA) tools are used to measure English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Learners must have a language assessment before being referred to programs funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Call the Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

Informal Conversation Practice

Guelph Public Library

100 Norfolk St., Guelph

English as a Second Language Conversation Circle
English as a Second Language Book Club (registration needed)

Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington

104 Dawson Road Unit #102, N1H 1A6, Guelph
Coffee Talk (registration needed)
1 on 1 Conversation Practice (registration needed)