Crash Game Gambling

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For a little over a year now, Crash and JetX games have become very popular at online casinos. Many special welcome bonuses and other out-of-the-box online casino affiliations have been created to meet the demand for these games.

What is crash gambling?

The crash is a type of game that features a ship, plane, or other means of locomotion. The player stands on the launch pad of the craft and has to bet that it will crash sooner or later, as the craft will always fail.

Understanding crash gambling involves a round of betting that is considered over when the craft is destroyed. Another craft will then take its place, giving the right to a new gamble round in order to bet on whether the machine will crash sooner or later.

The scale of progression on which the craft will launch is closely linked to the evolution of the winnings multiplier. As an example, we can consider that one hundred meters would be equal to a +100% of the base multiplier; x1.

It is easy to see that Crash is nothing more or less than a simplified digitalized version of TURF betting, as it uses the same codes as equestrian betting but with the addition of automation.

How to win at Crash?

To win at Crash, JetX, or Aviator, you simply have to withdraw your winnings before the plane crashes. If the player has not withdrawn his winnings, the bet is considered to have lost.

Crash falls into the category of risk management games. Like Evolution Gaming‘s new game, Cash or Crash, risk management games are theoretically low-loss games. What alters this criterion is the player’s willingness to covet a big payout. In theory, it is possible to profit over time with automatic wins at 1.05x per bet. This betting strategy is often coupled with VIP offers from casinos that allow for weekly, monthly, and rake back bonuses on wagers made such as Celsius. 

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Crash games: How to play?

The game of crash is present in ⅓ of online casinos, it is very easy to access, this thanks to its democratization. If at the beginning it was only present on an iGaming provider, the game quickly became the centre of attention of several casino game providers.

The crash is hosted on an external game server which, as with iGaming games, allows for some game security and RNG relevance.

Thus, the RTP of crash games is often around 97%. The volatility is up to the player, as it depends on the degree of winnings that the player wishes to attempt.

The majority of these games usually use the same codes:

  • Hosting of the game at an external provider.
  • Rental of the game at the provider.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Possibility to see the other bets in real-time.
  • Betting rounds are limited in time and do not require a minimum number of bets.
  • Possibility to make automatic bets and take profits.