When to tip at the casino

In the world of casinos, it is good practice to tip dealers and employees. Yes, but when and especially how much?

Those who habitually frequent land-based casinos know very well how tipping is the order of the day. But for those who are not accustomed, knowing when it is correct to leave a tip can be a difficult question to resolve.

We do so in this article, where we go over not only how to handle the issue of tipping while playing at the casino but also while entertaining yourself at different games. Tipping should also change based on any winnings at the table.

roulette game table

Finally, never forget that in some cultures, not receiving a tip is considered quite rude, while in others, the exact opposite is considered offensive. That is why, depending on the country in which you are playing at the casino, you should pay attention to these rules of behaviour in order to avoid being misjudged or offending someone.

Tipping: a subjective matter?

A lot depends on how much you have wagered and the game you have chosen for your bets.

However, here are our tips for the most common situations:

If you play craps, it is always a good idea to place a bet for the dealer(s). All it takes is a couple of dollars, of course. Or, when you’re about to leave, simply leave a C$5 chip (or more, depending on your level of play).

If you play blackjack, place a dealer bet in front of yours. This is usually done after the blackjack is dealt with by the dealer.

Man holding poker cards

When you play roulette and get a big win, ask the dealer what his favourite number is and try to play it: if you win, tip him the full amount. It is perfectly fine to bet the chip from the lowest denomination on the table.

In keno, leave a few dollars when you are finished playing.

As for situations that can occur away from the tables, here are four more tips:

Tip the waiters who bring you drinks (that in many gaming rooms, drinks are free). How much, of course, depends on the amount of money you are investing in your bets: if you are playing with little money, probably one or two dollars is more than enough.

Young brunette playing poker

Tip the concierges and porters of the hotel where you are staying: one or two dollars for each piece of luggage carried is usually the standard ‘rate’. The same goes for the people who tidy up your room.

Finally, remember the valet parking attendants, who are usually “honoured” with a couple of dollars.